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How can we protect ourselves from the deadly CORONA viruses

If we have an INTERNAL SOAP that washes away Corona virus at the point where it enters our system, we would achieve nearly 100% success in eliminating the Corona virus.

Corona Virus enters our body through the nose, lips and the mouth, which contain epithelial cells, and the ACE – 2 receptor.

Having entered, it stays in our throat where it breeds and goes down to all parts of the body, especially the lungs.

Korona Guard is a liquid that can be smeared inside the nose, lips, and that can be taken in the mouth, where it can be swashed, gargled and swallowed. This way, it enters the very same pathway of the Corona virus, that can wash away the lipid or fat of the Corona virus, just as soap does.

This way, it enters the very same pathway of the Corona virus, that can wash away the lipid or fat of the Corona virus, just as soap does.

This internal soap is a non-ionic surfactant known as Polyoxyl Hydrogenated Castor Oil, a derivative of castor oil, which has been used a thousand years all over the world in all liquid pharma products for internal consumption.

Korona Guard

How Does it works?

Korona Guard is based on the fact that a non-ionic surfactant emulsifies, dissolves and washes away the lipid of fat, in this case, the lipid of Corona virus. Korona Guard dislodge the CORONA Virus


Imagine that the CORONA virus is seated on this three-legged stool…

Just remove one leg of the stool it is on…

What are the three legs of this stool that the Corona Virus is sitting on?

RNA or Ribo Nucleic Acid, Protein, and Lipid or the commonly used term FAT, which covers the RNA and Protein, and gives it the strength to operate.

Suppose we dislodge the Lipid or Fat layer… Then the CORONA virus has no chance of survival.

Korona Guard goes through the nose, lips and the mouth and enters the same epithelial cell route to go to the throat, where it attacks the Corona virus lipid and washes it away.

Korona Guard also contains coconut oil which has high antiviral property.

Korona Guard is also a liquid gargler.

We also have KORONA Guard Candy which contains Polyoxy Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

Korona Guard Candy slowly dissolves in the mouth and provides Korona Guard surfactant to destroy the corona lipid in the throat.

Korona Guard Nasal Spray takes our surfactant deep inside the nose to the mucous membrane, not allowing the corona virus to breed.

Prestegious Client

SIMS Hospital

Korona Guard has been used by the SIMS hospital, which is one of the largest hospitals in Chennai, and they have done their due protocols on a large number of corona virus positive patients and have found the Korona Guard very effective.

They have recommended the use of our product as a prophylactic and preventive agent against the virus, or any other infections affecting the respiratory tract.

It has also been tested on hundreds of volunteers who live in clusters. The good news is that despite living so, they have not been affected by the CORONA virus.

korona guard
korona guard


korona guard

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